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From The Desk Of Secretary:

When we laid the foundation of ALRESS in 2009, along with the bricks and mortar, we cemented a vision that would change the life of every student that passed through its portals.

However, we believe, the biggest and most profound learning we will give our students shall be the lessons they wil imbibe outside the text books. Lessons in life management. The importance of values.

The strength of an upright character. The ability to make a difference.  Degrees that a few Institute gives you. Yet, in the ultimate analysis, the only qualifications that set you apart. So, when our students set out into the world, they are not just thorough professionals but secure top honours as good human beings.

If ALRESS Faculty & Students should be cut above the rest, it's because they are sharp. Razor sharp.
And they leave their mark wherever they go. As professionals. And as human beings.

Mushtaque Ahmad
Al Rahmani Educational
Social Service Society
Institution Running Under Us:
Contact Us:

- A B.Ed. College

- At Chandni Chowk, Madhepura, Bihar -852113
1. Secretary:       Mushtaque Ahmad

2. President:       Md. Jawed Ahmad

3. Treasurer:      Iftakhar Ahmad Rahmani
                          Mb No.: +91 8051960261
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